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Kirchschlag and surrounding area

Kirchschlag is a lively small town in the Bucklige Welt region, on the southernmost tip of Lower Austria, bordering the Burgenland. The lovingly renovated castle ruin thrones over the valley, the award winning rose garden invites you to take a break and enjoy. Traditional festivities, concerts, sports events,.. are held throughout the year - our hotel is the ideal starting point.

Advent market at the castle ruin Kirchschlag:  each year on the 1st or 2nd weekend of December & on 8th December. Enjoy traditional Advent flair at its best!
The soft rolling landscape around Kirchschlag feels calm and relaxed, waiting to be discovered. The spacious open air pool in Kirchschlag is open June to September each year. The lively ice skating rink right in the center of town is a well loved winter meeting place for children and adults alike.

In a 5 year cycle, life and death of Jesus Christ has been performed in a passion play by locals since 1932. Next season is August to October 2027.

Panoramic view over our home, the Bucklige Welt

Hiking in the Bucklige Welt region

South of Vienna, the "Wiener Alpenbogen" fans out. It rises from the basin of Wiener Neustadt with the Bucklige Welt, climbs over the high pastures of the Wechsel (called Schwaigen) up to Semmering, reaches its peaks with Rax and Schneeberg, and sinks back to Wiener Neustadt in an arch-like manner over the Hohe Wand.

Hiking Trails

Cycling & e-biking in the Bucklige Welt

Discover the picturesque Bucklige Welt on two wheels! E-bikes offer a unique opportunity to explore the diverse landscapes and hidden trails of our region. With e-mountain bikes and e-touring bikes available for hire at Sport 2000 Picher in Kirchschlag and a well-equipped bike room including tools for small repairs, you are well equipped for every tour. Please remember to reserve your bikes in advance.

Cycle paths and mountain bike route

Discover the fascinating diversity of the Bucklige Welt and its surroundings with a selection of excursion tips to suit every taste. From historic fortified churches and lively festivals to culinary delights and relaxing nature experiences - adventure seekers and culture lovers alike will find their happiness here.


  • EisGreissler - A visit to the Eis Greissler manufactory in Krumbach is a treat! Ice cream from the organic farm, farm shop, kids adventure parc, and viewing platform.
  • Ederers Alpakahof - Farm shop - Tours - Hikes.
  • Schnidahahn Bucklige Welt - The Schnidahahn was the traditional feast for the farm hands at the end of the season. This tradition has been revived by farmers, producers, and innkeepers in the region to market regional, high-quality products. Schnidahahn time from mid-June to mid-October.
  • Wehrkirchenstraße - The Wehrkirchenstraße of Bucklige Welt tells a lively story of the threat of attac and invasion Turks in late medieval times. The churches were expanded into true bastions with murder holes and loopholes where the population found refuge.
  • Keltendorf Schwarzenbach - How about a visit to the Keltendorf in Schwarzenbach? A large Celtic festival is held annually.
  • Golfing around the Bucklige Welt - Golf in Bad Tatzmannsdorf, Zöbern Golf Eldorado (18 holes), Bad Schönau (Indoor Simulator), Linsberg & Föhrenwald.
  • Ziegenhof Mandl - The Mandl family describes their goats as "divas," whose every wish is fullfilled. In return, they receive delicious goat's milk, which is processed into the finest yogurt, cheese, etc.
  • Liszt Festival Raiding - The Liszt Festival Raiding surprises with special Liszt perspectives and presents international Liszt greats, audience favorites, and stage stars, outstanding representatives of the new pianist and singer elite as well as exceptional orchestras and ensembles.
  • Kammermusikfest Lockenhaus - 20 km from Kirchschlag, the impressive Lockenhaus Castle towers over the place, which became internationally known through its music festival. The Lockenhaus Chamber Music Festival takes place every year at the beginning of July.
  • Landsee Nature Park & Ruins - In Landsee, the largest castle ruin in Central Europe is located in the Landseer Mountains Nature Park (11 km from Kirchschlag). A hike over Lembach and Blumau to Landsee is beautiful
  • Hohe Wand - Hohe Wand Nature Park with the spectacular Skywalk
  • Excursion info Bucklige Welt -
  • Familienarena, Climbing Park & Roller Track - Familienarena St Corona, Roller Track & Climbing Park Mönichkirchen.,,
  • Hermannshöhe Kirchberg - A well-known retreat for bats.
  • Weinmuseum Moschendorf - Wine idyll Southern Burgenland – Weinmuseum Moschendorf is famous for Uhudler.
  • Felsenmuseum Bernstein -
  • Tree Top Walk Althodis -
  • Castles & Fortresses - Castles and fortresses of the Bucklige Welt: Kirchschlag, Grimmenstein, Seebenstein. In Burgenland: Esterhazy Estates Castle Forchtenstein, Schloß Lackenbach, Schloß Esterhazy, and Quarry Margarethen.
  • National Park Neusiedler See -
  • Nature Park Geschriebenstein -
  • Theatre festival Kobersdorf -
  • Blaufränkischland – Red Wine Road -
  • Sonnenland Draisine Tour -
  • Cog Railway up the Schneeberg - (2075 m), Rax cable car, Semmering.
  • Hungary: Beautiful city of Köszeg or Castle Förted
  • Styrian Volcano region: Riegersburg, Zotter Chocolate manufactory, Gölles distillery, Vulcano ham manufactory
  • Early Medieval Village Unterrabnitz - Following the discovery of early medieval relics, a village with authentic reconstructions was created.